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Registration for the Miami Valley High School Theatre Awards will open August 19, 2019!

It’s Time To Be Recognized!

Please complete as much of the registration form as possible. If you don’t know what productions you’ll be presenting, please at least complete the dates of the productions. Once you have registered, you will be asked for more details about your production(s) eight (8) weeks before each one. 

Registration must be completed by the theatre director or official representative from the school. Students may not register productions on behalf of their school.

Schools are not officially registered until payment is received.

Please download and read the Theatre Director Handbook.

A Note On Double-Casting

If a school decides to double cast one or more roles, the school must select only one set of cast members to be adjudicated. It will not be possible to adjudicate multiple students for the same role. However, if you wish for an additional cast to be adjudicated independently, Theatre Directors can submit to have an additional performance of the same show adjudicated for awards by paying an additional fee of $50. All double-casting decisions must be communicated to the MVHSTA staff upon registration of the production. Please contact the MVHSTA staff with information about which performances have been selected for the adjudication panel.


The cost of the program is $100 per school. This fee gives each school the opportunity to nominate two productions of either a play and/or musical. This fee helps cover the cost of the awards themselves.

If a school would like to nominate an additional play or musical, an additional fee of $50 per show will be assessed. If a school only wants to nominate one play or only one musical, the fee is still $100.

These fees cover the cost of the MVHSTA Showcase.

Once you submit your initial registration, you will receive a confirmation email and payment information from the MVHSTA team within a few business days. Remember, you will not be officially registered until payment has been received.