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Award Categories

Each production is evaluated against itself for consideration, rather than against all other school productions, thus encouraging schools to create the best possible work for their unique circumstances and environment.

Awards will be assigned for each category to a top percentage of all submitted productions. Awards of Merit and Awards of Excellence for high school musical theatre and play productions, as well as student performances, are based on adjudication scores and recommendations.

Participants will be notified of their nomination when the contact teacher receives the adjudication feedback for a particular production. Winners will be chosen from the nominated students and will be honored in each of the following award categories:

Adjudicated Awards

Outstanding Musical

Outstanding Play

Outstanding Lead Role in a Play (Actor/Actress)

Outstanding Lead Role in a Musical (Actor/Actress)

Outstanding Supporting Role in a Play (Actor/Actress)

Outstanding Supporting Role in a Musical (Actor/Actress)

Outstanding Ensemble in a Play

Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical

Special Recognition Awards (Theatre Program Director Nominated)

Outstanding Student Director

Outstanding Student Music Director

Outstanding Student Choreographer

Outstanding Student Lighting Design

Outstanding Student Costume Design

Outstanding Student Sound Design

Outstanding Student Set Design

Outstanding Student Makeup Design

Outstanding Student Prop Design

Outstanding Student Stage Management

Outstanding Featured Student Dancer

Outstanding Student Orchestra

Community Nominated

Theatre Program Director of the Year